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Line Dance

We offer line dance classes to all ages, whether you just want to have fun or prepare you for showcases or competitions.

Class deals range from 6 months to 12 months. Extended packages are quoted separately.

Standard studio terms and conditions applies to all classes. 

Line Dance Group

Social Line Dance Group Class

R 280.00 per month per person

Line dance classes are also known as solo style classes.


All dances are taught in this style. You must form or bring with a group of no more than 5 to 8 people, to form a group class.


Each person in the group will pay

R 280.00 per month to be part of this group.

Line Dance Performance

Line Dance Competitive Group

R 450.00 per month per person

This course has been designed for the more serious dancer that would like to compete at local, provincial and national competitions.


Our teachers are trained once a year by international coaches with the new dance styles for the year.

(World Dance Masters - syllabus).

WDM Competitive Line Dance

Line Dance Private Lessons

R700.00 per month

These lessons are booked by students as 1 on 1 sessions with our teachers and coaches. Technique, styling, rhythm, and musicality are the key focus areas (KFA) in these classes.

Senior Line Dance

Pensioners Social Line Dance Classes

R 300.00 per month per person

This deal has been designed for the pensioner student in mind. Students can do private lessons on this low class fee. Groups - (people of 8 to 10) will reduce the the class fee to

R 50.00 per class. Total monthly cost: R 200.00

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